many thanks to our talented frenchy-welshwoman Yveline Le Gars-Hands for her translation,in the hope that we shall play in Wales...
one day !

dimanche 4 mars 2012


The arrangements and original compositions by Marc Le Gars are rooted in the songs of DANCE, parade and other BALLADS, illustrating these areas with anecdotes, folklore and faraway LEGENDS...

a welsh tale
"Macsen Wledig’s Dream"

recital in Questembert 13/09/21
composed by Marc Le Gars

The king Macsen sees a young woman in his dream who is so beautiful that when he wakes, he thinks of nothing else but to go to sleep again because he cannot live without her. For several years his envoys scour the world in order to find her. He eventually will meet the princess in the isle of Britain in the town of Caernarfon in Wales.

The 4th branch of "Mabinogi"

"Gwydion, the druid"

recital in Prigny-Les Moutiers en retz 13/08/28
composed by Marc Le Gars

-Following a curse Llew Llaw Giffes nephew of Gwydion cannot marry a woman from the world of men: the magician therefore collects broom, ferns, meadowsweet and creates Blodeuwed, woman borne/made of flowers but, as a result of his unfaithfulness, Blodeuwed tries to kill her spouse. Tired of all this plotting, Gwydion transforms her into an owl so that she can only live at night and incurs the contempt of other birds.

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