many thanks to our talented frenchy-welshwoman Yveline Le Gars-Hands for her translation,in the hope that we shall play in Wales...
one day !

lundi 5 mars 2012


"Celtic landscapes" 
for two guitars

Marc Le Gars et Line Lamarque

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 Inspired by traditional heritage, our classical guitar DUO takes you on a MUSICAL journey to the different countries and REGIONS of Celtic tradition: Brittany; Cornwall; Galicia; Ireland; Scotland, Wales...

recital in St Philbert de Grand-Lieu 05/10/2013
composition Marc Le Gars

"Owein and the lady of the fountain"
This legends relates the marriage of Owein with the one he loves, the lady of the fountain, then his disinterest and his preference for knight’s adventures and for the court of King Arthur....